Mrs Kerr's Class

Viking Rock Video

Here is the final video of the Viking Rock song that we’ve been working on.

What do you think?

Special Mention – Darcie


In art this half term we have been studying the work of the artist Henri Rousseau. Building up to doing a final piece that is inspired by his work we have been looking at, sketching & building up the colour of drawings of creatures that would be found in the Amazon.
I was extremely impressed with Darcie’s sketch of a rhinoceros beetle. She started off doing a very detailed sketch of a photo and then very steadily built up the colour by layering different shades on top of one another.

Well done Darcie!!

What I Did In The Holidays

I had so much fun in the holidays due to the fact that I went bowling, went to Locke Park and loads more fun stuff. Please comment about what you did in the holidays!

Let It Go

This last half term in year 4 we have been learning the popular song from Frozen, Let It Go. Finally we knew the whole song well enough to sing it without the words. What do you think?

What makes a good friend?

This afternoon we have been discussing what qualities a good friend has and how we can who others that we are a good friend to them.
Here is what we came up with.


Do you agree that these qualities makes someone a good friend? Which do you think is the most important?

Special Mention Molly-Mae

20140508-030804 pm.jpg

A very special mention to Molly Mae who has worked exceptionally hard to learn how to correctly read & spell all of these words during her time with Miss Quinn.

Well done Mol, I’m pleased to see that all of your hard work has paid off!

Zoo Lab!

Yesterday morning, our class had the great treat of having a visit from Caz, who works for Zoo Lab. She came in to teach us about the different layers of the rain forest, for our new topic – The Amazon.

Not only did she teach us about the different layers of the rain forest, she told us about what kind of animal lived in each part. The best thing was that she brought in an animal from each layer that we learnt about, looked at and if we were brave enough, even held!

She brought a tarantula, a giant millipede, a tree frog and a snake! It was great to see how excited you got about the animals and I was really impressed with how many of you were brave enough to hold them.

The tree frog was my favourite, because I loved to see it use the sticky pads on its hand and feet to climb on the poster. I was fascinated to find out that a frog has to use its eyes to eat its food. Frogs can’t swallow like we do, so when it catches something to eat it has to squeeze its eyes shut and then push its eyeballs down into itself to push the food into it’s stomach. Weird!

What was your favourite animal?

What do you think was the most fascinating thing that Caz told us about?

Special mentions to Lewis Robson & Elliott Fraser-Barber, who seemed to already know all of the answers to Caz’s questions – I was really impressed by how much you knew!

Shadow science experiment

20140410-034303 pm.jpg
After waiting for the sunshine for the last few days, on Wednesday this week we finally had a day that was sunny enough for us to do out science experiment.

Our experiment was trying to find out how shadows change in length and position throughout the day.

We set a cone up in the playground and went out every hour to measure the length of the shadow and to draw around it in chalk to make its position.

We found out that in the morning the shadow was quite long and later in the morning, the length of the shadow got shorter. At lunch time the shadow was at its shortest and then throughout the afternoon it began to get longer again.

We discussed that these changes in length happened because of the position of the sun in the sky. When the shadow was long in the morning and late afternoon the sun was quite low in the sky. At lunchtime when the shadow was at its shortest the sun was at its highest in the sky.

In the comments can you explain what happened to the position of the shadow? How did it move? Why?


                                                                  Round & rocky
with so many colours:
blue, green & white
the only planet that has life
& next door naighbors Venus & moon

peas on trees


on trees

stays on leaves

then she sees

peas on trees.

ooh its peas

ooh yes that what I see

see trees leaves peas

theres no flees